Work for Love Drop!

Work for Love Drop!

If you’ve been following Love Drop over at the 360 Blog, you already know that this team does some pretty amazing things. Every month, Love Drop sponsors a family in need, and though they’ve only been around for a few months, they are changing the world.

So far, they’ve helped a single mother and her family go from being homeless after a fire to having a place to live, new clothes and children’s items, and so much more. Last month, the Love Drop team led its all-donor run organization to purchase trained aid dogs for two autistic brothers, as well as iPads to help the brothers in their daily learning and activities! In just two months, Love Drop has literally changed the lives of all of these people and their families, as well as the thousands of sponsors, subscribers, and readers who have been touched by these stories. This month the team is sponsoring a single mother battle her second brain tumor, which may be the most inspiring mission we’ve seen yet.

Now the Love Drop team is also seeking a few talented, caring individuals to make its team complete. Three jobs are available:

Biz Dev Account Manager

Media Relations Intern

Marketing Intern

The account manager position will require a minimum of two weekly partnerships made. The ideal candidate will be able to not only make new partnerships but also maintain the current existing ones. He or she will also seek out sponsors as well as develop a business plan. Compensation will be based on commission.

While the second two positions are unpaid, they do offer valuable intern experience with only 5 to 10 hours of weekly participation, as well as participation in an extremely worthwhile project. They will come up with ways to expand the Love Drop media presence and get its work out there among all of the social networks and the rest of the web. Interns will develop excellent media, correspondence, and marketing skills.

To find out more about these worthwhile positions or to apply, click here. The first round of callbacks has already gone down last week, so be sure to apply soon! The team just wants to hear something inspiring or interesting from you, so just drop them a line and explain why you’re the best person for the job. Tell a story, send links or work samples, or just wow them with your awesomeness.