December 2011

Baltimore Job Market: The Baltimore Sun's List of Top Employers


The Baltimore Sun recently released its list of the city's top workplaces in the 2011 year. These are, according to the newspaper, the best places to work based on the feedback from employees. Is your employer one of the best in the city? On the other hand, are you looking for a job in Baltimore because you want to get away from the less-than-ideal employer you have right now? That is really the bottom line.

Top Companies

Who does the Baltimore Sun say are the best employers in the city? Coming in at the top of the list is one of the city's largest employers, FutureCare. It runs 12 skilled nursing centers in the area. The top medium sized business is Praxis Engineering Technologies. Most of its 200 plus employees are offsite and embedded with clients. It continues to grow and expand. In small businesses, BTS comes in at top. It is a smaller technology firm in the city and provides it employees with ample benefits.

Morgan Stanley and Baltimore Job Market: What's the Deal?

The news that Morgan Stanley is planning to cut some 1600 jobs is worrying many of those working for the agency in the Baltimore job market. The problem is, the company has not stated how the job cuts will impact the Baltimore job market. The company has said it plans to cut some 1600 jobs in the early portion of 2012, though. That is enough to get many people worried.

Governor Working on Jobs

The Governor came together with a group of business professionals from the state to work on improving the state's jobs. The problem is, there are many different opinions about what the area needs to do about jobs and job creation. Gov. Martin O'Malley and top cabinet members came together in the 2012 Symposium on Job Creation to discuss just that. However, not everyone is agreeing with the plans in place.