January 2012

Baltimore Jobs – Could Downtown Entertainment Center Help?

For those who are looking for Baltimore jobs, there could be new opportunities if the Downtown Entertainment Center gets the go ahead. The Downtown Towson region is one of the hardest hit areas of the city. The economic conditions there have hurt businesses and residents alike. The addition of a multimillion-dollar development, though, could make a bit difference for the region.

Can adding this position help to boost Baltimore jobs and provide an opportunity for individuals to land in a better place? The project is being called the Towson Circle III. The goal is to revitalize the sluggish economy present here. Many of the largest stores and entertainment venues here closed down in the last years. The Towson Commons Theaters were once one of the best places to visit in the city.

Baltimore Job Market: What Is Empower Baltimore?

Baltimore is seeing a population decline. It is seeing more people move out due to the lack of jobs or to move to suburban areas. One of the biggest factors to improving the economic conditions within the city is to encourage jobs to move in. In Baltimore, there are many ways this can happen, including by creating better jobs in the area. Empower Baltimore is one organization that is working to grow and expand human capital in the city. You could be a part of its plan.

What Is It?

Empower Baltimore is a nonprofit group that is working through a 10 year strategy plan that is designed to develop economic opportunities within the city. The Baltimore Empowerment Zone program is meant to make a change to the market for good. The goal is to create safe environments that are neighborhoods were people can find a job, live safely and to expand their futures.