February 2012

Finding a Job in Baltimore - Jobs Increasing

For those who are hoping to find a job in Baltimore, there are some good numbers to hear about. The city itself is seeing an increase in the number of companies expanding payrolls and adding jobs. While there are many companies that are not hiring yet and still are reducing jobs, many are hoping to add them in the coming months. However, for those in Baltimore, who are still looking for jobs, the need is great.

Are Jobs Increasing?

Baltimore Job Market Boost From Intelligence Campus

Small or large numbers of jobs added to the Baltimore jobs market is good news. The recent announcement that a panel has okayed the development of an intelligence campus in Bethesda is a good thing, many believe. It could add 3000 jobs to the payroll and therefore improve those lacking positions right now. The National Capital Planning Commission approved the master plan and that means things are moving forward.

The facility will be located where the former National Geospatial Intelligence Agency headquarters were prior to the agency moving to Fort Belvoir located in Virginia. The new federal intelligence community will provide an outstanding source of higher paying jobs. The building phase will include the addition of a secured garage that will hold 1825 spaces, a drop from the originally proposed option of 2200 spaces. The cut was due to the goal of improving forest preservation and views.