March 2012

Baltimore Jobs – Improving and Hiring

In Baltimore, the nation's jobs reports ring true. The city is seeing a significant growth in terms of jobs especially those in more advanced careers. If you are looking for a job in this city, it will pay to know where to look, though. Some companies continue to reduce payrolls because of the economic conditions present.

The Labor Department released information this week that once again the number of jobs added to the payrolls is high and higher than expected. However, job numbers are up and that is good but the latest increase did not push the unemployment percentage down any. It remains at 8.3 percent currently.

Baltimore Job Market to Feel Pinch with Surge in Fuel Costs

The increase in fuel costs across the country, and in particular in Baltimore, could have a ripple effect that reaches well into the jobs market. Baltimore is steadily gaining jobs but at a slow rate. More so, most economists predict that if inflation remains under control that the increase in jobs will continue. However, one of the biggest drivers of higher inflation is in fact the gas prices. The higher they go, the less money is in the pocket of those who need it most - the consumer.

Baltimore Jobs Will Hurt