July 2019

Trump's Racism Rallies Supporters

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The fact that Trump's most racist, vile tweets and statements seem to rally his supporters, giving him even higher approval ratings, should really worry us. So many people on the left (and even centrists who understand what he's doing to this country) are clamoring to get out the vote, to try and win back more senate seats and get a qualified Dem into power, but I can't help but wonder if it's even possible.

Cucumber Cocktails

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Now that cucumbers are growing everywhere, it's the perfect time to throw them in refreshing summer cocktails. Some cucumber or mint completely freshens up a drink! The cucumber reviver at California Pizza Kitchen is probably my favorite cucumber drink in the world. It's got cuckes, mint, pineapple and a bunch of other goodies in it and I have to say, I'd love one right now!

In The Tall Grass

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If you're planning on watching Stephen King and Joe Hill's In the Tall Grass coming up on Netflix, you should be warned that it's a pretty graphic novella, and that it doesn't feel as Stephen King-y as it should. I haven't read any Hill yet, but I've read that King's son isn't as refined as his father when it comes to writing, and that crassness certainly showed in this work. I've loved most of King's books, but this one didn't do anything for me.

Fun Coffee Mugs

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Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Most people seem to have one. I have many, and most of them were given to me! From the Girl Scouts and Library read-a-thon mugs I've earned to the ones I've been given as gifts from family members, I have a lot of beloved mugs. Most of them even have their own stories about how they were acquired or a fond memory attached to them.

New Bill In Congress Would Expand Compensation For People Exposed To Radiation

       Democrat Ben Ray Lujan is the U.S. Representative from New Mexico’s Third Congressional District. Last Tuesday, he introduced a bill in the House to expand a compensation program for all those exposed to radiation from nuclear testing and uranium mining. The bill seeks to address the fallout across the western U.S., Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Radioactive Waste 400 - Lasers Being Developed That Can Accelerate Radioactive Decay

I have often blogged about the problem with nuclear waste. Fission reactors produce spent nuclear fuel that is radioactive and can be dangerous for thousands of years. To date, the best solution to the accumulating spent nuclear fuel from the world’s nuclear power reactors is to bury it in deep underground geological repositories.

So much concern for 2020

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Hello Mr. Obama,

Firstly, you will forever be remembered as my personal favorite POTUS, as well as deep within the hearts of millions of Americans across this vast country. We have witnessed in these past few years, a drastic change for the worst, brought on by the Republican party, not as a whole, but primarily within the current GOP. They have become a loose cannon, are very responsible for the russian interference within the past election, they have turned back the progress of this nation so dramatically, that it scares me.... So many good thing implemented by your administration have been purposely altered and reversed by spite alone. With big business backing Trump and Billionaire CEO's backing trump because of his tax scam, it scares me that he will again get re-elected.....and let's face it,.......we cannot have another 4 years of his rhetoric, lies, and lack of knowledge. We HAVE to bring the people back this election, and do so in VAST numbers, also insuring that no tampering can possibly take place.....
One other aspect we really need to watch, is making sure the electoral college does not allow him victory. He is a con, and menace to this great nation, but he has caused a sickness that is unfortunately spreading....
Please respond back to me Mr. President......(My President)...

America needs us (Democrats) to regain control and reinstall the sanity back into Washington....and remake America into a place where this division can end. We need to also make people more aware of socialism and help them to better understand that socialistic programs are in fact "ok"......and are a betterment for us as a whole. We need to put an end once and for all to people in our government such as Mitch McConnell.....and his "like-minded" accplomplices..... as they only do anything they can to cause destruction with anything good and virtuous to us Americans....and any benefit to this country. Their cause is a selfish ànd unholy cause.....and we must have them removed from office....

America misses you.... I miss you.

We love u,

A true American.....

Adam K Neely
1081 Lawndale Dr
Salisbury NC 28147

Lost home

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Dear President Obama,

I am one of those home owners that lost my home in 2010. I eas of not aware of the mortgage crisis until happened to me. I was able to stay in my home since October 2010 by having a good attorney. Now he tired of the case and told me that Bank of America was going to win. I had just talked to my doctor and it was not good news. He told told me to take 2,000 and vacate in to months. I went to court today 6/22/19 and I have to leave. I have no family and no place to go. My attorney called this afternoon and asked how much time did I need I told me untill the end of August and he told me it could be days. Then I asked for 15 days. I live in Spotsylvania County and I drive to Alexandria everyday. I am writing to you to ask do you know a very good attorney that can help me get my home back I have no where to go. I am 62 years old and have nowhere to go.