February 2020

DARPA Space Programs Funding Reduced In 2021 Budget Request

     The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a federal agency that does futuristic research for the government. They are active across a wide range of sciences and technologies. They are not a U.S. space agency, but they do have a space projects umbrella called PE 0603287E. The budget for 2021 was one hundred and ninety million dollars.

The Environmental Working Group Says That 170 Million Americans Are Drinking Water Contaminated With Radium

     There has been a lot of publicity about lead in drinking water in cities across the U.S. since the crisis in Flint, Michigan made headlines. Now a new investigation shows that over half of the drinking water consumed in the U.S. contains radioactive materials.

Radioactive Waste 754 - North Dakota Radioactive Fracking Waste Was Dumped Illegally In A Landfill In Oregon

     Issues of nuclear safety and security are so important because nuclear power is based on the use of highly radioactive isotopes that pose a serious threat to public health and the environment. However, some other types of power generation also involve radioactive materials. The sludge produced by coal power plants have radioactive isotopes.